This is just an original poem I have written over a culmination of lines and verses that I have stored up over the past year or so; finally got around to arranging it and giving it a title. Enjoy!



This is primarily based upon an essay I had written for university based upon my primal figure of inspiration. This is a brief history of Richey James Edwards from The Manic Street Preachers. This article may have some potential mental triggers for some viewers, so viewer discretion is advised. If you, or anybody you know is fighting a battle with mental health issues, I urge you to seek and secure help with your GP/Mental Health advisor right away. As always, enjoy!

An Odyssey of Everyday Proportions

This is an original piece that I created for a university assignment; one of the choices was to write a 2,000 word piece eminating a style from a strict selection of choices. I chose to adopt a complete stream of consciousness for this assignment, my piece focusing on a simple journey from A to B on public transport, showing how one can extrapolate so much from the mundane. Sidenote: Many of the italicized texts integrated into the story are lyrics from the work of The Manic Street Preachers, and NOT my own intellectual property; however I felt that these citations added depth and character to this piece. Enjoy!